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12 Awesome Canyoning Places around the World you should go

Best Canyoning Places: Are you looking for a new adventure? On your favourite destination like canyoning in USA. Wouldn’t it be great to go canyoning? Outdoor activities such as canyoning involve descending into canyons using different techniques. Swimming, sliding, jumping, and rappelling can be included in this.

The world can be explored through canyoning, and you can see fantastic scenery. Also, it’s a great workout! If you’re thinking about trying canyoning, here are some of the best destinations to check out.

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World’s 12 Best Canyoning Destinations with Images

Adventure-seekers travel far and wide to navigate canyons all around the world, so they are willing to travel long distances to access them. You can test your sense of adventure in these epic canyoneering destinations around the world. Let’s check Canyoning Destinations with Images.

Zion National Park, Utah – Best Canyoning Places

Valley Landscape Utah Zion National Park Mountains

You can go canyoneering in Utah’s Zion National Park, where there are numerous guide companies that can take you out on this adventure. It’s the top choice when find the Best Canyoning Places around the world. There are canyons in the park that do not require special skills for beginners or those who want to take it easy. As for other routes, they require specialized wilderness planning and training along with intense commitment. Several canyons can be explored here, but a permit is required for technical canyoneering trips. You can check out The Narrows’ lower end, The Subway, and Orderville Canyon.

Agawa Canyon, Canada

Canyoning is also possible in Agawa Canyon, which is best known for scenic train tours. There are plenty of untouched forests and untouched nature in this wilderness area, which can only be accessed by foot. The changing leaves in the hardwood forests make this canyon sparkle with vibrant colors in autumn. Once autumn turns into winter, you can go ice climbing in the canyon. This area has granite canyon walls that reach 575 feet in height.

Kawasan Falls, Philippines

The Philippines are famous for its beautiful waterfalls in Kawasan Badian National Park. In the deep canyons of the jungle near Badian, the Matutinao River flows. Known for its beauty, Kawasan Falls offers a great introduction to canyoneering for beginners since many tours do not require abseiling or climbing equipment. There are several pools of freshwater along this route, and you can jump into them and swim down them. Taking the famous route in reverse is much more challenging, requiring you to “climb rivers.” Montaneza and Tison Falls in the Philippines offer even greater challenges.

Tara Canyon, Montenegro

A 51-mile-long canyon, the Tara River Canyon is 4,300 feet deep at its deepest point. The site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is part of Durmitor National Park. Swimming and jumping from waterfalls are among the ways to navigate this canyon. It is a good place to explore canyoneering if you have some experience between Durmitor and Vojnik, which is 3.5 kilometers long. There are also several rafting routes along the Tara River, especially along the 11-mile road between Brstnovica and Sćepan Polje. It’s also possible to rock climb, zip-line, go horseback riding, hunting, and fishing there. There is camping available at Sljivansko, Radovan Luka, and Brstanovica for those visiting Zabljak overnight while in this area.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona

In the American Southwest, this slot canyon can be found near Page, Arizona, on Navajo Native American land. Canyon enthusiasts, photographers, and sightseers flock to the area, but tours led by authorized guides are the only way to gain access. You can simply walk into the Upper Canyon, which is the most accessible. Ladder climbs and more strategic navigation are required in the Lower Canyon due to its length and depth. There is no technical rappelling or swimming involved in this experience, as opposed to, say, the canyons at Zion.

Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

It provides some excellent canyoning opportunities as well, located in northwest of Costa Rica. As the most active volcano in the park, Arenal covers 29,692 acres. Costa Rica’s lush forests and waterfalls make canyoneering a spectacular experience. A particular tour here begins with a half-hour 4×4 drive through rainforests near La Fortuna, home to monkeys, sloths, and parrots. In the area, there are several guide companies that will take you to the canyon when you book your adventure through a guide. You will learn how to rappel down a waterfall safely. 

Jalbire Canyon, Central Nepal

It is possible to canyoneer in Jalbire Canyon in Nepal, which is one of the best canyoneering destinations in the world. In Chitwan District of Central Nepal, this canyon can be found between Panch and Simaltal villages on the Trisuli River. It is typical for the weather in this canyon to be wet and humid, so be prepared to abseil and slide in many parts. 328-foot-tall waterfalls, more than a dozen swimming pools, and fascinating rock formations can be found here. In Nepal, there is also an amazing canyoneering region in Dudh Khosi, Kathmandu. In this region, you will find spectacular rivers, valleys, and gorges framed by Mount Everest.

Blyde River Canyon, South Africa

Nuy River Gorge and Blyde River Canyon are popular destinations for kloofing and abseiling. Klaofing is a form of canyoneering unique to the South African landscape. Amazing views of the gorge can be seen from hiking trails that travel up the mountain. A multi-day trip along the Gecko Trail is the ultimate adventure here. Among the wilderness experiences available here are bushwhacking, boulder hopping, swimming, rafting, and bivouacing. Hottentots Holland Nature Reserve, Garden Route National Park, and Matroosberg Private Nature Reserve are other South African kloofing spots.

Copper Canyon, Mexico

Copper Canyon, located in southwest Mexico, is another epic canyoneering spot. In this canyon system, which is the largest in North America, moderate to experienced adventurers should be prepared for rugged terrain. Many canyons here offer breathtaking views and exciting challenges. This remote canyon offers guided tours lasting multiple days, and you’ll feel far away from civilization as you gaze over the Urique River.

Blue Mountains, Eastern Australia

It is a great place for canyoneering enthusiasts to visit the Blue Mountains of Australia. Canyons abound here! At least 400 of them await exploration! Beginners will enjoy the Grand Canyon, while more experienced adventurers will enjoy Empress Falls. There are plenty of opportunities to engage in outdoor sports here, such as rock climbing, rappelling, rafting, and spelunking. Regardless of their experience level or skill level, both beginners and experienced people can find a canyon that suits their needs. Don’t be surprised if you get wet while visiting these waterfalls!

Lake Garda, Italy

There are many holiday destinations in Italy that are located along Lake Garda, which is the largest lake in the country. Canyons, waterfalls, and mountain streams are explored by local guide companies. Several routes are available here for beginners, including jumps and slides that can be voluntarily taken. However, there are also routes with more challenging obstacles to overcome and technical abseiling points between huge rock walls and high waterfalls. Abseiling down a 100-meter waterfall is part of the Torrente Aviana route, for instance! Italian canyoneering is also great in the Susa Valley. The waterfall slides in this Italian valley are famous for their alpine canyons.

Takachiko Gorge – Kyushu Island, Japan

A volcanic basalt column and eroded cliffs formed this gorge, formed by Mount Aso. During early summer and autumn, the greenery of Manai Waterfall makes for a stunning sight. Located on the banks of the Gokase River, this popular tourist destination offers rowboat rentals. Canyoneering is also possible here. It is considered to be the outdoor capital of Japan, and you can learn more about the region from experienced guides in Minakami.

List of the Best places to try canyoning worldwide

Are you ready for your first canyoning adventure? Here is more list worldwide

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Guadalmina river gorge, Costa del Sol (Spain)

Maglia canyon near Nice (France)

Grimsel canyon near Interlaken (Switzerland)

Nathrach canyon in Fort William (Scotland)

Ribeiro de Carcerelha canyon in Peneda-Gerês National Park (Portugal)

Tropical forest canyon (Martinique)

Hot Ravine canyon (Guadeloupe)

Canyoning in Reunion Island (France)


Zion National Park (USA)

Slot-canyons, Utah (USA)

Moab , Utah (USA)

Zimatan river , Mexico

Canada del Jaguar, Mexico City

Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

Yungas , Bolivia

Cuzco , Peru

Bariloche , Argentina


Wanaka (New Zealand)

Blue Mountains (Australia)

Behana gorge waterfalls (Australia)

Mount Aspiring National Park (New Zealand)


Jalbire, Nepal

Kawasan waterfalls , Philippines

MoalBoal Cebu, Philippines

Da Lat, Vietnam

Ubud, Bali (Indonesia)

Kamoshika Canyon ( HAKUBA ), Japan


Suicide gorge ( South Africa )

Smalbaar canyon, Cape ( South Africa )

North Wash (Morocco)

Final words

 We hope this article has given you a lot of information about the best canyoning places worldwide. Canyoning is an amazing way to explore the world and discover its hidden beauty. There are many amazing canyoning destinations around the world, and each one has something unique to offer. So, if you’re looking for an adventure, be sure to check out some of the world’s best canyoning destinations.

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